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About SugarCoated

SugarCoated is the first feature from ZAG Media Productions, the company that brought you the acclaimed shorts Danger Word and Death in the Family, which won the Silver Award for Short Film at the 2012 Philadelphia International Film Festival.


Written by David Sason, SugarCoated is a comedy-drama feature that takes us behind the curtain of working entertainers—and full time caregivers. This hilarious and heartwarming story will resonate with anyone who puts family first, while still reaching for the stars.



ANDY is a Grammy-nominated musician who wants to resurrect his career and risks losing the home of his ailing mom to create a musical that would put him back on top. When he gets an unlikely assist from feisty retirement community residents, he realizes that the time he spent putting his family first has not only restored his career but his faith in humanity. 

© 2019 by ZAG Media Productions.

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